Domaine Fouassier Sancerre Loire 2011
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Domaine Fouassier Sancerre Loire 2011
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Established for several generations on the peak of Sancerre, the Fouassier family is one of the oldest wine grower families of Sancerre.
After the First World War, Jules sent his son, called Gustave (and nicknamed Tav') at an apprenticeship, so as to learn about the trade of cooper and wine grower. At that time, he paid his training 800 ‘francs or'.
In 1923, Gustave participated to a farm competition in Paris with some colleagues. Nobody knew the wine of Sancerre, but this minor and unrecognized wine that was at the premises of its current renown captivated a lot of persons.
In the 30's, Gustave'son, called Raymond, started to work in the vineyard at only 13 years old since his father was suffering from a serious disease.
In 1958, Raymond Fouassier was the first who bought a straddler-tractor (Bobard's brand) in the vineyard. In 1959, Raymond went on mechanically equipping and sold his last Percheron carthorse.
10 generations, a know how dedicated to the respect of the terroir

100% Sauvignon
Natural winemaking, fermentation in native yeast
Work in cellar is based on lunar calendar.
Rather sharp nose, with notes more mineral. Richness and vivacity, with a dense and fleshy matter Tonic and astringent final.
Wine Enthusiast : 92/100
Guide Bettane et Desseauve : 15.5/20
Guide Dussert Gerber : Cité
Belon oysters, goat cheese
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