Vinocacao Bordeaux Wine Chocolate 2013
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Vinocacao Bordeaux Wine Chocolate 2013
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Franck Maupouet, founder of the Company VinoCacao®
Chocolatier is an accomplished chocolate-creator,
son of a wine-grower.
He learned his trade in the traditional French way:
apprenticeship with a chocolate
Master, then working in prestigious French and foreign
restaurants and hotels in Europe and also in the US,
to complete his training and broaden his culinary
At 39, after practicing his art for 20 years, from
Saint-Tropez to San Diego and after serving such
prestigious clients as Lady Diana, Sharon Stone, or
the guests at the Cannes Film Festival, he came up
with a new idea: Blending the savoir-faire of wine-grower and chocolate maker.
Franck Maupouet surrounded himself with a team of wine growers and chocolatemakers
Vinocacao Noir is a combination of red Bordeaux wine (Cabernet Franc-Merlot) and dark Chocolate 54% (100% cocoa butter) and natural vanilla

There is no preservatives, coloring agents and artificial flavors

It is a 100% natural beverage

It can be preserved several weeks after opening if it is stored in a fridge

It can be preserved 10 years in a cellar
Vinocacao Noir is a combination of red Bordeaux wine (Cabernet Franc-Merlot) and dark Chocolate 54% (100% cocoa butter) and natural vanilla
The wine color: tile with a glint of topaz. Here we are referring to its bouquet. The aromatic spectrum opens up on a expressive note, complex, evolved and « rancio », close to that of a Banyuls or a Portos tawny. Candied fruits and sherry-flavored dark chocolate are dominating this pleasant and original combination. The palate proves to be mellow with a strong flesh. The fruit of the wine shows some resistance to the chocolate flavor. All the components are well balanced, with the right proportion of sweetness and the marriage is a success. The harmonious final reveals a slight hint of bitterness. A special mention awarded to this original product, which must be served cold but not chilled.
It can be serve as an aperitif, plain, with ice cubes or as a cocktail with a slice of citrus fruits

It will combine wonderfully with foie gras,oriental dishes, spicy food, cheese and desert

It can also be an ingredient for the preparation of various dishes and desserts
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